Medical-Surgical Center for Digestive Diseases

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C/ Oquendo 23, Madrid

Specialized Units

As center specialized in digestive diseases, CMED offers a series of Specialized Units and Digestive Programs to treat chronic gastrointestinal pathologies difficult to diagnose, that require close monitoring by physicians.

Specialized Units

Crohn Disease and Ulcerative Colitis are the most important diseases within this section. Both are chronic diseases which require close monitoring and treatment and therefore the connection between physician and patient is essential.

These are digestive problems which require the supervision of a specialist in the digestive system as constipation may be caused by multiple reasons that have to be assessed by a professional.

Obesity surgery not only allows the loss of weight but also the control and improvement of related conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular problems.

The team formed by digestive specialists, surgeons and oncologists have been setup to ensure an early diagnosis and treatment of this disease.

Digestive Health Programs

The Program for the Reduction of Digestive Stress aids patients to control their levels of stress, which leads to improvements in the digestive pathologies.

Commonly misdiagnosed as gluten intolerance due to some symptoms they share , this disease requires a specialized diagnosis for its treatment.