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Digestive Tests

Our installations are provided with highly skilled professionals and cutting-edge technology to perform the digestive tests necessary to achieve an early and personalized diagnosis. This combination within the same space provides CMED physicians access to the tests of each patient from their computers.

Esophageal PHmetry

Esophageal PHmetry

Esophageal PHmetry is a specific test to quantify the amount of acid in the stomach or coming from the stomach; main symptom of the Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease.

The test is performed placing a very thin nasogastric probe through the nose of the patient reaching the stomach from where it is taken back a few centimeters to locate it in the esophagus. It is not a painful test but it may be a bit uncomfortable when placing it.

The probe remains there for 24 hours and during this period it sends the esophageal pH (acidity level) to a mobile recorder the patient has to carry at all times. For the results to be reliable, the patient must have a normal life and a totally normal diet.

After 24 hours the probe is withdrawn and the mobile recorder is handed to the specialist to determine a diagnosis and prescribe the most appropriate treatment.