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Digestive Tests

Our installations are provided with highly skilled professionals and cutting-edge technology to perform the digestive tests necessary to achieve an early and personalized diagnosis. This combination within the same space provides CMED physicians access to the tests of each patient from their computers.

CT Scan

CT Scan

Computerized Axial Tomography also known as CT or Scan is a diagnostic test using X rays to obtain images of the inside of the body in the form of transversal cuts subsequently reconstructed in 3D.

This test provides multiple images of the part of the body to study providing a detailed and thorough study of the internal organs not available with normal radiographies.

CT is recommended in the following cases, among others:

  • Diagnosis of tumors and possible extension (metastasis)
  • Detection of injuries in different organs
  • Study of hepatic injuries
  • Performance of a virtual colonoscopy

In some cases, it is necessary for the patient to take some kind of contrast to highlight and better observe potential injuries or tumors.

For its performance, the patient lies down on the CT gurney in the middle of an open arch which moves along the area of the body object of examination. As it is not a closed arch, it is not claustrophobic and the noise is less than that of other image tests as for example the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. This test is short (it normally takes a few minutes depending on the areas to study) and the only preparation required is the fasting of the client in case a contrast were necessary.